Losing weight eating anti-inflammatory foods

In my previous post, I told you about what I did to start feeling better, to get healthier, and how I felt about Father Michael’s statement that I’m not supposed to get full during times of fasting or abstinence. Here’s the next chapter in that story.

Losing weight

About a week later, I was still hungry all the time, still eating about 60% of my normal amount, and still eating kale, spinach, carrots, and the like…I didn’t know it at the time, but they are anti-inflammatory foods.

I noticed that my jeans were baggy. A lightbulb went on over my head, and I hurried to the bathroom to weigh myself. Sure enough, down ten pounds. My jeans were about to fall off of me, and I knew that I couldn’t wear them like that, so I had to find something else to wear. Problem was, I didn’t have any jeans that were smaller. But wait. I did have one pair, somewhere, that I had put into a box to cut up and use for sewing projects… where were they?

Skinny jeans

I found the box and found the jeans I put in there a while back–jeans that I had been sure I would never fit into again. I wondered if I should even hope–but before I let myself think anything, I just tried them on. They FIT. I yanked them off and looked at the size. Four sizes smaller than the ones I had been wearing. I had lost four jeans sizes in about a week.

A week after that, I had lost another three pounds, and the jeans weren’t as snug. They look great on me now. I haven’t juiced in a while, but have been eating the salads and a small dinner. I think I’ll do some more juicing here and there, but will definitely eat the greens every day for as long as I can afford it.

I’ll probably level off and stop losing weight, but frankly, as long as I keep feeling good, that’s fine. I’m fairly tall, and have huge bones (wrist bone over 7 inches – very large frame), so I’m never going to see a small number on the scale, and that’s fine. I feel “hot” and happy.

I certainly would never have predicted that in less than a month, I’d be used to eating like this, or that it would be good for me in these ways. Spiritually? Yes. My God is no longer my belly. Energy better? Yes. Weight better? Yes. Diabetes better? Yes. Even my relationship with my children is better.

Anti-inflammatory foods

Of course, we’re not saving much on the grocery bill, because the fresh greens are more expensive than what I was eating before, but that’s okay, too. As long as we can afford it, I’m going to eat this way. I don’t care how tired I get of eating greens. It’s good for me. Those foods are decreasing the inflammation in my body, and they are better than the medications I’ve been on for so long.

If anyone–and I do mean anyone–had told me that I should do this, and these are the results I would get, I would have thought they were a wack job. I’ve done all of this stuff before, and it didn’t do any good. Why it’s working this time, I don’t know. My guess is that it’s probably the cumulative effects of going gluten free and dairy free several years ago (which allowed my body to start absorbing nutrients), then starting to use SaladMaster pans last year (they keep all of the nutrients in the food, so the nutrients that are in the foods you cook STAY in them), then starting to juice and eat lots of anti-inflammatory, alkaline foods… My body is finally getting lots of nutrients now.

Food is medicine

I never believed that what we ate had much to do with anything. My family taught me that the purpose of food was just to get your stomach to shut up and leave you alone for a while. Of course, they all had the same celiac issues, so they didn’t absorb nutrients, either, and so it didn’t matter what they ate–they wouldn’t get healthy, and they all gained weight. I was the thinnest in my family–most of them were over 300 pounds. It never mattered for me, either, until we went gfcf and started the healing process.

I am so glad we found Orthodoxy. We have had Orthodox people (here, and in heaven)  praying for us for at least three years now. I think that has made a big difference in my health. For the longest time, doctors told me that I would be lucky if I lived to see my children graduate high school. I had too many systems that were too messed up to even hope to live more than a few years. There were days that it was all I could do to get out of bed and get dressed and keep an eye on my kids. Forget cooking, or cleaning, or going anywhere.

Heal kidney disease?

A few months back, my doctor said she was pleasantly surprised at my Granular  Filtration Rate (the gauge for how bad a person’s chronic kidney disease is). Turns out that what she meant was is went from being in Stage 3 CKD to back in the normal range. From what I understand, that does not “just happen.” It certainly doesn’t happen without medication or major life changes. Did I take meds for it? No. Did I have major life changes? Only if you count the prayers of the saints and twice-daily worship. And I do. That was even before we were chrismated, before the Eucharist.

That was cause for celebration. It meant that the death sentence I had been dealt was lifted. It meant that I would probably live to see my children graduate,that I might even live to see grandchildren. It also meant that my attitude could change for the better, and it did. I hadn’t realized how much of a downer I had been. In a way, I’m glad that all the posts here were wiped out – such bad attitude. Kicking and screaming. Bleck.

Feel better fast

Now, it’s all a different story. I still have chronic illnesses, don’t get me wrong, and I still have to watch that I don’t overdo it, or I’ll trigger a flareup. But things are better. I feel better. Not as good as I did when I took a short course of steroids several months ago, but I have some of my energy back, and my health is improving. It’s better than I had any “right” to expect it to be. I actually played with some of the kids at church one night while we were waiting on some parents.

My kids commented on it. “Hey, Mom, you’re playing! You must feel good, huh?” I did. I still do. My body is still requiring more sleep, as it has been doing all year, which of course I hate, but I’ll learn to live with that, too. I will probably live to see grandkids! That thought is going to take some getting used to! 🙂